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Have you heard of the World Core Curriculum

Do you have children who go to a state school? Grandchildren? Friends with school children? Have you had any concerns about what's being taught in schools, particularly new age indoctrination? This article will give you a clue as to what's behind it, namely the World Core Curriculum.

The World Core Curriculum is a document written by Robert Muller, former assistant secretary-general of the United Nations, which sets forth the principles to govern the world's education programmes, and is being implamented in schools internationally to this day. The underlying worldview of the cirriculum is based on the teachings of Alice Bailey which came from her spirit guide, Djwhal Khul. It is designed to turn children into "global citizens" for a forthcoming one world government and a one world, new age, pantheistic (all is one, God is in everything) religion.

Alice Bailey

Alice Bailey (1880-1949) was a Theosophist and occult writer. Theosophy is an occult movement, which believes in a spiritual "hierachy" or ascended masters, who are supposedly humans who through the process of reincarnation, are now so highly evolved that they are now in a position to watch over guide humanity. They are called the Masters of Wisdom. Some new agers believe these beings physically walk the earth, concentrated in the Himalayes, others believe they are purely spiritual. Alice Bailey's writings were channelled through Djwhal Khul, who she believed was one of these ascended masters.

To the Christian it is clear these so-called 'ascended masters' are actually demons who are possessing the one who they are guiding. Alice Bailey's writings, which are the basis of Muller's World Core Curriculum, originated from an evil spirit.

Brief History of the World Core Curriculum

In 1975, Robert Muller, former assistant secretary-general of the United Nations, had an essay published entitled The Need for Global Education in the New Era magazine, and this essay was subsequently distributed by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and numerous education magazines. In 1979, the first Robert Muller School was founded in Arlington, Texas, which is official a branch of The School of Ageless Wisdom, founded by Gloria Crook(1). In 1984, the Robert Muller school in Texas was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges. It is a United Nations Associated School, and also an alternative school, which teaches from birth right through to secondary school. Muller drafted The World Core Cirriculum in his 1985 book New Genesis - Shaping a Global Spirituality.

In 1985 following the publishing of Muller's book, a 12-nation meeting on education policies, Gordon Cawelti, the President of the Association for Supervision and Cirriculum Development urged representatives to develop a world core cirriculum based on Robert Muller's proposals set out in his book. It is interesting to note that it was soon after this, in 1988 when the National Curriculum was introduced in the UK under the Education Reform Act 1988(2).

The World Conference on Education for All (WCEFA)

In 1989, UNESCO awarded Muller the Peace Education Prize. As part of his acceptance speech, Muller stated his dream was that UNESCO would study and recommend a world core curriculum for adoption by all nations by the year 2000.

Sure enough, in 1990, UNESCO, along with UNICEF, the World Bank and other international organisations, organised the World Conference on Education for All (WCEFA), where delegates from 155 countries met in Jomtien, Thailand to set out a blueprint to plan and direct education policies across the world. Inspired by Muller's World Core Curriculum, delegates agreed on six international goals for education, with the aim to have them fully implemented by 2000. In the USA this resulted in the education reform programme now called Goals 2000, the goals stated being based on the goals agreed at the WCEFA. The Goals will sound good to the casual reader but when looked at more closely they reveal a sinister agenda towards a transformational education. To help deomstrate this I will quote just the last of the six goals:

"the knowledge, skills, and values required for better living required for better living and sound and sustainable development...through all education channels including the mass media...and social action, with effectiveness assessed in terms of behavioral change" (emphasis mine)

Lets read between the lines. What values do these UN bodies regard as required for better living (consider the leftest, pagan values of those who run the UN)? Sustainable Development is a buzzword for Agenda 21 and its plan to put 'mother earth' in dominion over man (3). As for social action, community service is becoming an increasingly important part of education (Barak Obama plans to require 50 hours of Community Service per year from middle and high school students). Mandatory voluntary service may sound good but is used for the purpose of monitoring and reframing students values (4) hence "behavioral change".

As researcher Berit Kjos said in her book Brave New Schools the WCEFA goals will amount to the following:

"Trading facts for imagination so that children cannot think or reason independently;
Teaching occult formulas for empowerment to help students feel good about themselves and school - at least for a while;
Providing daily lessons in group conformity to quench individual choices;
Using cooperative learning so that all students will progress to the same mediocre level"

Global Citizenship 2000

In spring 1997, Robert Muller presented the World Core Curriculum to a conference in Vancouver, Canada. It was the first conference of its type. A report of the conference can be read in chaper 7 of The New World Religion by Gary Kah.


I am in no position to preach but I would encourage readers to consider this information above when dealing with your local schools and the general trends taking place in education system, and inform other of the World Core Curriculum. Knowing about Muller's agenda will help to pinpoint any concerns, and hopefully help combat new age, environmental or globalist indoctrination in our schools and in textbooks. Much more could be said on this, particularly the various programmes in place in the UK schools which promote these globalist values.


Almost all of the information used for this article was taken from the following two books. The New World Religion by Gary Kah (Hope International Publishing, 1999) and Brave New Schools by Berit Kjos (Harvest House Publishers, 1995).

3) See my earlier post on Sustainable Development. Observant readers may have noticed that the WCEFA took place just before the Rio Earth Summit where Agenda 21 was agreed, and the the term became a buzzword. The concept of sustainable development has been around long before Rio, and the term, it appears was coined in the United Nations report Our Common Future, published in 1987. See Joan Veon, United Naions Global Straightjacket, Heartstone Publishing, 2000.
4) See WorldNetDaily "House adopts plan for 'volunteer' corps" See also Brave New Schools, Chapter 6.

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